Intramuros- The Philippine Walled City

Intramuros, also known as the ‘Walled City’, is a place rich in history. Based from the meaning of the name itself, ‘within the walls’, one can assume that the place is built with strong stone walls which surround and fortify the district.
There are several ways to see Intramuros – there are scheduled historical walking tours offered, pedicab drivers or kalesa tours are also an option, or like us, you can just wing it and walk it.It’s actually “a walk to remember” because Intramuros has so much history. One of the exciting activities we had was a visit to four historic places inside the Manila’s famous walled city.It’s tiring walked with my siblings but every drops of our sweat is worth it for we had witness and see the walled city.

Intramuros’ charm lies in the exploration of its other churches, gardens, gates, walls, and enchanting streets.

Without even stepping inside the paid destinations, you’d notice that the architectural landscape in Intramuros is influenced not just by Spanish design, but also Mexican and Chinese. Elaborate baroque churches once brought eminence to the walled city.Walking around the walled city is worth it. Yes, we have seen baroque and architectural designs that brought eminence in the city.We had seen these kids walking around in the city. I told them to have picture and so they did. They are very charming and friendly indeed. The reason why I love now kids though they belong to the low class family. Children like them needs love and affection. Like us, we need also love.As a biyahero, we should be responsible also with our trip most especially to a place like Intramuros. The only place we had remembering our own history.Come and visit Intramuros. You will not just amaze but to learn about the past.

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Wow Liliw LagunaPh

At the southern portion of Laguna lies this Sleepy yet promising town- LILIW LAGUNA PH. Along the journey, the scenic view of the rural countryside of Laguna is a sight to behold the long and winding concrete pavements of the road.

Municipality of Liliw barely at the foot of the famous Mt. Banahaw, making such agricultural landscape and its mysterious streets because of the oscillating and vibrant street scenes.
For a day, Liliw can make you discover a lot of things and be at awe with the picturesque landscape it offers.

It was one saturday when I begun my journey of traveling with my little sister. Having the same passion , I had no hesitations to travel without preparation. True enough, the journey was a breeze, fun-filled and made my perspective in travelling change. Wow Pilipinas.

In this small town of Liliw, the size definitely doesn’t matter. Accessibility to the various tourist atrractions and simple cause of wandering is the town’s strength. Thus, with my tsinelas (slippers) on, I was lead to the Historical place of Liliw.

Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, also known as Liliw Church, was founded in 1605 by Father Miguel de San Lucas. The original structure was built from wood. The edifice had been rebuilt using rocks from year 1643 to 1646. However, it was partially damaged when a great quake struck Luzon in 1880. It underwent another reconstruction in 1885. Since then, the church stood as witness on how history has been molded.

I was excited to see the interior. Like any other old church, I expected to see great paintings on the ceilings and a monumental altar.

Liliw is a small town in the Province of Laguna. I have been to Liliw many times for its food, old houses, old church, shoes, sweets and the small-town-vibe.

Truly, Liliw Laguna is a well-preserved town of cultural heritage.

Wow Liliw Ph ❤

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The Unspoiled Falls in Laguna Ph

Laguna is actually an ideal road trip destination. Much of Laguna is almost untouched, still covered with dense rainforests concealing several magnificent waterfalls. Many of its historic towns retain many pieces of its glorious past.

The thing with Laguna is that most of its attractions are spread out, located so far apart from one another, that while public commute is definitely possible, it can be an exhausting effort.

We travelled to one of the best Part of the province in Majayjay Laguna where the unspoiled falls located, The BUKAL FALLS.

Hisi 4K CAM

Bukal Falls is a good destination for those looking for a quick respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. The waterfall is in the midst of lush greeneries of Majayjay, Laguna which is both relaxing to the mind and soul. It is often referred to as Laguna’s version of Hinatuan’s Enchanted River because of its clear emerald green and sapphire blue waters.

These days I find myself perpetually on the lookout for a place which isn’t so far away from the metro for quick doses of adventure and thrill.

By now many travelers are aware that the province of Laguna is home to dozens of waterfalls. Majayjay town at the foot of Mt, Banahaw is however known for only two (although there could be more hidden in the forests leading to Mt. Banahaw). Taytay Falls used to be the better known and more-visited until recently but Bukal Falls has caught the fancy of travelers in recent years.

Getting to the jump-off point to Bukal was relatively easy as we were able to drive all the way to the Bukal Barangay Hall in Majayjay where visitors are required to register and be provided with a guide. And then it was a short drive to a parking lot where the trail to the waterfalls starts. We’ve heard the trek here is relatively easy, with most of the trail cleared and even paved.

The trail was indeed paved, even though it was a bit narrow. But we were somewhat surprised that it was sloping slightly upwards almost the whole first part of the hike.

After an hour or so of enjoying the sights and basking in the tranquility of nature’s surroundings it was time to go.

How to get There:

📌 From Cubao ride a bus going to Lucena. Dropped off in SM San Pablo ( 160). From there ride a jeep going to bayan ( 9.00). If you were there in bayan ask the local if where is the terminal going to Liliw Church (32.00). From Liliw Church, ride a tricycle (50.00) bound to Majayjay Brgy Hall.

📌 Registration fee – 20.00

📌 Tour Guide – 300.00

  • The place is surprisingly clean, please do your part to keep it that way. Don’t leave your waste. If you are not the type to bring your trash home with you, at least throw them in the garbage bin. Don’t let the locals go after your trash. That isn’t their job.

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Take Me to the Place I love – Maculot

Go where you feel most alive. Take me to the place I deserve to live. No Signal and No Stress.

If only there’s a pill you can just pop once you get your heart broken to instantly take the pain away, people would be happier – I once believed in that. But now I realized that a person needs to feel the pain and go through the entire process of letting go and moving on for them to become a better person. Unfortunately, the most valuable lessons in life are learned through pain.

I’ve always wanted to go hiking, when I got the opportunity to go on a mounting climbing in Batangas. We climbed with my friends just to release stress I had felt.

Climbing this mountain requires great endurance as its trail is a never-ending ascent. Along the way, there are stores where you can buy something that can cleanse your thirst or something you can chew on. However, most of these stores seldom open on a weekday.

The Rockies, being the most known, is flocked my thousands of tourists every week. This part mountain had gotten known for its rocky part facing the lake of Taal and its breathtaking volcano’s crater.

For mountaineers and hike enthusiasts, the journey does not end at The Rockies. If you were one of those who loves the challenge and always up for some more adventures, climb some more heights to reach the mountain top.

Being at the summit is a rewarding feeling but not easy to get there. The way up is not very stable. The soil on that way does not get dry all year round – always muddy and slippery. Wear the best gear you can against mud and slickness of the soil.

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Lagayan Abra: The Hidden Paradise

Lusuac Spring Abra Paradise. The best highlight to travel is to discover the hidden paradise and learn new thing.

Abra is a landlocked province of the Philippines in Cordillera Administrative Region with 8 hours travel from manila (Land Trip).

The province received many feedbacks as tourist destination due to political killings and home of NPA’s. I was raised in Abra and been a valued citizen of the said place, this is to recommend everyone that Abra now is a safe place to visit and discover new things. It’s time to change the perspective as I tell you my experience in hidden paradise of Lagayan Abra.

People are accommodating indeed, hospitable and pleasant to talk with. This is a perfect place to stay with most especially summer, a perfect place to cool off, clear water, and a perfect place for family picnic.

Water comes from the underground. Lusuac Spring is waiting to be unveiled to an open minded tourist and nature lover. The cool breeze of air and calm atmosphere will bring you to eradicate stress and make your day perfect.

How to get here:

🔻 There are various ways to go to Abra. From Manila to Abra to Manila via Partas, Dominion and Viron Transit directly to the capital of Abra.

🔻 From terminal of bus, ride a tricycle to Zone 1 dropped off Petron Linasin.

🔻 From there you can ride jeepney tricycle and drop you to Lusuac Spring in Lagayan Abra.

Amazing: The Hidden Paradise of Danglas

Danglas was formerly called “Padayog”, a tinguian term for was later on given the name Danglas presumably after Barangay Danglas in the northernmost portion of the municipality.

It was said that in the area, “Dangla” plants which were excellent as firewood grew in abundance. It was customary in the place for people to gather around a bonfire in the morning to warm themselves from the cold climate. The people usually burned dried dangla woods for the purpose.

One morning, while the people were gathered around a bonfire warming themselves, the Spaniards came. One of the Spaniards asked what the woods being burned were. One of the old menaround the fire bending himself down to fix the firewood, answered “Dangla”, with an ended tail sound of”as…” because the smoke from the burning wood irritated his eyes. The Spaniards repeated the word. Thereupon, the name danglas came into being.

Danglas Municipality in the Province of Abra will surpise you the vast forest in Nagaparan and Home of Philippine Eagle.


With the mountaineering sport being on the rise, uncrowded mountains are now hard to come by especially those which are easily accessible from the country’s capital.

The undiscover province of Abra will come and showcase you with the stunning and gigantic mountain.

Nagaparan as the last barangay in th e municipality and closest to Ilocos Norte will be accessible soonner due to road constructed by the Provincial government of Abra. The ABRA-ILOCOS NORTE ROAD.

The Abra-Ilocos Norte is open to the public for viewing. Some were from the other provinces witnessing the beauty of Danglas.

For OOTD, the place is good and instagrammable as well. You will never regret when you visit the place because of its astonishing views.

Come Visit Abra: Danglas Abra, Home of the Philippine Eagle.

There you have it lovelies. That is our Nagaparan View Deck in Danglas Abra adventure for you. Some people like to call this mountain as the Little Baguio because of Pine Tress but for me, its features are more reminiscent to Mt. Pulag or anywhere else in the Region But it doesn’t really matter. Anyway we see it, it is without a doubt gorgeous. Should you have questions, suggestions and violent reactions, just drop them on the comments below. Until next time!

📌 Special Thanks to Jonathan Layugan for his Photography. ©©

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The Paddak Resort in Malita Bangued Abra

Historical records say that the word “Bangued” was an evolution of the word “Bangan” or roadblocks or blockades. Old people especially in the municipalities outside Bangued pronounce the word Bangued as Banged. Bangued is a capital town of Abra. It is located in Cordillera Region.
Bangued is at the western portion of the province of Abra, about 408 kms. north of Manila. It is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Danglas and La-Paz, on the east by the municipalities of Tayum and Peñarrubia, on the west by the municipality of Langiden and the province of Ilocos Norte and on the south by the municipalities of San Isidro and Pidigan.

A part of it, Malita is a Barangay in Bangued where it is closer to Penarubia, Abra. The place is rich in sugar cane as their One Barangay Product.
Let’s be honest, nothing seals the deal more than an amazing pool in the Province of Abra.
This is why if you’re visiting Malita Bangued most likely Paddak Resort will give a reason to comeback and experience again to swim in a friendly pool and locals of course. This way, you can beat the heat and really enjoy your Abra experience.

The Paddak Resort is located in the top of the mountain where you can see the real beauty of the place. Going to the resort from the capital of the province takes you 30 minutes away. So if you have plan to visit the place, take time to go and see the friendly beauty of Paddak Resort.


The place is good for a family bonding or getaway. The pool has its own cottages to offer to the people would like to visit the place.

They call it as Paddak because of its Style. A footprints of a person as you can see in the photos.

The resort has a separate pool for kids and adult. They have also videoke in the resort for those who are good in singing and interest in singin indeed.

Nothing I could say but the place is instagrammable. If you have interest in picking such good views, the resort is highly recommended to the public.


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The Repulgent Beauty of Cabugao Ilocos Sur

Cabugao is a well known first class municipality of Ilocos Sur. A second northernmost town of the province closer to Ilocos Norte.

The town is accessible to almost all modes of inland transportations, like going to Vigan City, Laoag City, La Union, Baguio and of course going to Manila.

Sabang as part of the Municipality has it’s own majestic beauty where people of the town and province and some local tourists come to witness the stunning beauty of the place. One of the recommended sites to visit in the Province.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway, Sabang Ilocos Sur is highly recommend for your travel and bucket lists. It’s where you can witness a beautiful sunset, friendly locals, beautiful Island of Poro and their seafoods (Tinuno nga Pusit, and others).

A friendly and budgeted tourist destination. Let’s go and discover the place in Sabang and Poro Island.

Stunning Sunset in Sabang Ilocos Sur

I visited the place without any preparation. I come here not to see my relatives but the place itself. My direction coming in the place felt an excitement. I saw a beautiful sunset and it relieves my stress.

We visited the Poro Island, the so called pride of the place because of its white and powdery sand.

Some part of the island are rockies and it is instagrammable indeed. We captured moments in some part of the island for we were shocked when we saw how beautiful the place is.

As what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words so please enjoy the photos taken from the time we headed for the island until the time we went home.

The place is good for divers also. You can see some corals and fishes. Because of its majestic underwater beauty, we decided to capture it for some documentation.

No doubt. The place will not disappoint you because of its beautiful and scenic views. The place is good for beach camping also beacause of a wide range area and its powdery white sand.

What else can you find, introducing to you a beautiful and friendly place. The SABANG CABUGAO ILOCOS SUR

We can enjoy the island for free (no entrance fee) so we should all do our share in protecting the island. Unfortunately, other guests just leave their trash in the island and carve their names on the rocks.

Nowadays, it’s so hard to find a good place where you don’t need to spend lots of money. If it gets destroyed, it’s still US who will suffer. So let’s become responsible Filipinos by picking up our trash and dispose them properly.

I hope that Puro Island will always stay free, beautiful and most of all, unaltered by humans.


How to get here From Manila:

Cubao/Pasay: Ride PARTAS Transport bound to Ilocos Norte and drop off in CABUGAO PUBLIC MARKET.

From cabugao public market: Ride a Tricycle going to sabang. Ask some locals where is the registration area.

From there, they will assist you what to do. Don’t worry for locals are friendly and hospitable.

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The Breathtaking Beauty of Oriental Mindoro

The thriving municipality of Puerto Galera, hemmed in by jungle clad promontories plummeting into delightful pockets of beaches and coves, lures weekenders from the exhaust centers of Manila. Resting on the southwestern edge of Isla Verde Passage in Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera harbors diverse coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving, reason why it was recognized as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973.

Stunning Beauty of Puerto Galera

Why we can recommend to visit Puerto Galera? If you want to relax this is your place in the Philippines. It’s not very far if you are staying Metro Manila. Puerto Galera is famous for diving and snorkeling and it was good. But we will discover for you that there are many things to do in Puerto Galera apart from diving and snorkeling.

White Beach with the Beautiful Ladies

Although Puerto Galera is famous to tourists for its nightlife, this bountiful town has more up its sleeve. This blog will provide you the real beauty of Puerto Galera. This will give you more stunning beauties of Oriental Mindoro most especially visiting the coral reefs areas of the Municipality.

Talipanan, Puerto Galera

A highly recommended accommodation to stay in Talipanan is BAMBOO HOUSE RESORT. If you are looking for a peaceful place and accommodating staffs this is to recommend you for I had witnessed their services to their guest. Resort is 2 minutes away from the seashore.

Puerto Galera is also a famous place to go to if you want to try diving. There are available diving lessons and diving activities you can opt to avail. Other water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and kayaking. Of course, island hopping is another popular activity since there are other smaller islands surrounding Puerto Galera that you can go to and explore. There are also inland places and attractions you can go to like the Tamaraw Falls and visit the local Mangyan Village at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo. Since we were already in the Island, we choose ISLAND HOPPING as our major activity.

Snorkeling and Island Hopping

Island hopping in Puerto Galera might be fun with friends, but you can also do it solo! Most bangka that you can rent to go to other islands around Puerto Galera.

Another highlight of the island hopping tour in Puerto Galera is snorkeling around the giant clams. As you might have surmised, visitors will encounter colossal clams and throngs of fishes when snorkeling.

Puerto Galera island hopping also includes a visit to San Antonio Island where Long Beach is located as well as the majestic underwater cave. Tourists need to climb craggy rocks to get inside the cave with a waist-deep emerald green water.

Diving in Puerto Galera is undoubtedly one of the top things to do when you visit. You will never run out of diving options as several dive centers and resorts around White Beach offer dive course as well as Puerto Galera diving packages in the best dive sites.

By day, aside from swimming and getting a tan, you can try the water sports such as jet ski, kayak and banana boat ride offered by some resorts. At night, you can go bar hopping, listen to live bands while drinking with friends and you can also watch the talented local fire dancers perform.

But for those who just want a quiet and less crowded beach in Puerto Galera, do check out the neighboring ANINUAN BEACH or the picturesque TALIPANAN BEACH which other travel blogs raved about.


Take a bus bound for Batangas Pier like Ceres, DLTB and JAM Transit in LRT Buendia (Manila), Cubao (Quezon City) or Alabang South Station (Muntilupa). Travel time is roughly 2 hours depending on traffic. See the bus fare and bus schedule to Batangas Pier. From there go to the cashier of any shipping company for your fare. Then proceed to check in your baggage in any of the terminals designated. The ferry ride will take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours from time of departure to Mindoro Island, Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera.


❤ As in most beaches, sea urchins are present in snorkeling sites, so wear aqua shoes or full-foot fins when snorkeling and please do not step on corals.
❤Bring a dry bag to protect your cameras and waterproof pouch for your phone. Or much better if you just bring an underwater camera or action camera for snorkeling and other water sports.
❤ If you are traveling solo to Puerto Galera and you want to do the island hopping tour but you don’t want to spend Php 1,500 for the boat, try to schedule your trip on a weekend and approach other travelers (preferably those in groups) to join their island hopping and just share the expenses.
❤ Stack up cash (Philippine currency) before heading to Puerto Galera, there are only 3 ATMs in town. Almost everything is on cash basis here.

The Heritage Town of the South

Planning your visit and making your way around Taal is quite simple.

Here we go ✈✈✈ The Heritage Town of the South ⛪. If you had been to North ( Vigan City) why not try South (Batangas).

Taal Basilica – The Largest Chuch in Southeast Asia

The province of Taal, locals said this is a counterpart of Vigan’s historical street, “Calle Crisologo”. However our main goal, why we visit this town is to see the “Asia’s Biggest Catholic Church”, known as “Taal Basilica”.

Taal Basilica is certainly the biggest church in Asia because of its colossal baroque structures made of adobe and coral stones. This church has 96mtrs long, 45 mtrs wide and 96 mtrs tall. Its facade has 24 classical columns in pairs and lined up two rows of six on top on the others, with 10 windows and 5 doors. Its edifice topped with a triangular roof and gable on each side and one in the center. Its bell tower rises on the left side.

The Basilica de San Martin de Tours, simply known as Taal Basilica, is Asia’s largest church and it was not very difficult to see. Sitting on top of a hill, the basilica towers over the old heritage town of Taal. It is a very dominant structure and is visible in most parts of the town proper and even in some parts of the neighboring town Lemery.

The interiors of the basilica was dusty and cluttered when we visited because of the ongoing renovation but its beauty radiated through. Of course, the first thing we noticed was the size and how spacious it was. While most churches have only two lanes of pews arranged in the nave, the Taal Basilica had more. Its aisles could even accommodate more benches.

The Heritage Town of Taal is small and can be explored by foot. Once you’re at the Taal Park, most tourist attractions such as the many ancestral houses, the Well of Sta. Lucia, the public market, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay are just a few minutes walk away.

Taal Park and Nearby Structure
The Taal Basilica is the most prominent structure in Taal Park, which also harbors several buildings including Escuela Pia: Taal Heritage Center, the Rizal College, and Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, The Municipal Hall of Taal also stands nearby. Vendors of Batangas delicacies and other street food abound in the park. Although some tourists (like the friend who was with me at the time) get irked by how insistent they are sometimes, it just needs some getting used to.

How to get to Taal Basilica

From Manila, take the bus bound for Lemery and tell the driver to drop you off at the Taal Basilica. If the driver tells you it the bus will not pass by the Basilica (because some buses really don’t), get off at the Taal Lemery Bypass Junction and take a jeepney to the Basilica. If you miss the junction, don’t worry. Alight at the Lemery Terminal (the last stop) instead and take a trike to the Taal Basilica.

Explore and Enjoy ✈☺☀☀☀

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